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Create and enrich customer profiles

Enhance customer interactions with Omneo's easy profile creation and access, allowing your team to personalise experiences and respect customer privacy.

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Create and access anywhere icon

Create and access anywhere

Both Omneo’s Profile Portal and Clienteling offerings can be easily embedded into other touchpoints such as POS systems and your website. That means profiles can be created and securely accessed from anywhere, by both team members and customers.

Enrich continuously icon

Enrich continuously

Use relevant and timely prompts to progressively add customer information, such as sizing, style preference and communications preferences. Allow both customers and teams to add metrics to build a rounded view of the customer, to ultimately serve them better.

Find profiles easily and privately icon

Find profiles easily and privately

Omneo’s powerful search function and customer-led identification make it easier to find the right profile and avoid duplicate profiles. Customers can be identified in-store via the Profile Portal, and can change their privacy settings at any time, sharing only the information they choose to.

Allow customers to ‘claim’ sessions icon

Allow customers to ‘claim’ sessions

Most clienteling solutions rely on identifying the customer as the first step of the session. Omneo allows customers to be identified before, during or after their interaction – even after a transaction is completed. Both customers and team members can link an interaction to the customer.

Enable customer-driven privacy icon

Enable customer-driven privacy

Omneo’s clienteling platform can be configured to allow customers to be identified in-store through their Profile Portal and unique bar code, rather than publically sharing personally identifiable information. Customers can also control their own private data, choosing who can see what, and when.

Capture unique preferences icon

Capture unique preferences

Through Omneo, customer profiling options are customised to suit your individual brand and products, and the unique services and experiences you want to offer.

Move beyond a binary opt-in or -out icon

Move beyond a binary opt-in or -out

Improve subscribe rates and comms engagement by giving customers and team members the tools to customise communications across channels. Customers can choose whether to receive email, SMS or push notifications, for example, or opt-in to be notified about appointments and benefits, but not new services or promotions.

Track interactions to bring profiles to life icon

Track interactions to bring profiles to life

Capture insights from the interactions that matter most to your business, such as store or site visits, service tickets or styling sessions. Those experiences can be connected through timely and relevant communications that offer genuine value to customers.

Personalised and seamless omnichannel service

Empower your sales team with Omneo’s insights for tailored customer service, streamlined by AI and dynamic customer lists for a seamless omnichannel experience.

Gauge customer value and grow brand loyalty with Omneo platform

Gauge customer value and grow brand loyalty

Utilise Omneo to equip your sales team with key loyalty insights, focusing on high-value customers and personalised incentives to foster brand loyalty.

Next level CX starts here

Stop losing high-value customers and sales due to a lack of personalised services and experiences across channels. Omneo helps your team sell by helping your customers shop.

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