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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Omneo's FAQ page, where we provide clear and straightforward answers to your most common questions.

Can I configure Omneo myself with my in house team?

Yes, see our Documentation and Release Notes section for all documentation related to getting started with Omneo and configuring each component for your business.

All you need from us to get started is an account. From there you can configure the suite as you like and integrate your systems. For more complex integrations we recommend employing the services of an implementation partner for configuration and API integrations. Partners such as Arkade can also provide strategic consultancy services to ensure you have the right strategy in place for your unique customer journeys.

Can I choose the rewards mechanisms I use?

Yes. The Omneo CX suite provides you the power to determine the unique rewards and incentives you can deploy to your customers. These cover rewards, vouchers, points, and experiences through to gamification tactics such as achievements.

What are the main things I can do with Omneo that I can't with other platforms?

Unlike traditional CRMs and MarTech available on the market, Omneo CX Suite provides and single view of customer as well as aggregate first party data.

Omneo puts the power of your known customer firmly into your ownership, providing you the power to deliver exceptional and unique experiences to individual customers based on their own personal journeys. Simultaneously, you have the information you need from your own customers to make smarter business decisions based on real time, real customer data making your operations more effective and insightful.

Your first party data is hugely powerful, and Omneo gives you, and your customers, full ownership of that data without any third party involvement. Omneo also makes it far easier to integrate all your current business systems than many other platforms. That means you won’t need to migrate to any new platforms to make Omneo work or change any of your preferred systems in order to use the Omneo CX Suite.

How do I manage everything from the one platform?

The Omneo interface is intuitive and easy to use, making it possible to manage your customer experiences from one platform. Integrations with all other customer data touchpoints provide a simple way to create an entire CX ecosystem that works together in harmony to create seamless customer experiences.

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