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Personalise your brand’s retail experiences and increase your margins with the most advanced clienteling retail software.

  • Connect your CX stack and create a single view of customer
  • Empower your team and customers with bespoke clienteling and customer portals
  • Delight your customers and staff with integrated loyalty offers
  • Learn which services are most effective and where improvement can be made
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Used by leading omnichannel retailers worldwide

If you're an omnichannel retailer, you know that...

eCom and martech platforms don’t enable premium omnichannel CX

CDPs and CRMs don't enable omnichannel CX

CDPs and CRMs are designed to collect 1st party data used to drive behaviour not to enable your customers and team to interact in ways that are mutually valuable.

Omneo enables your customers to shop

Omneo gives your customers the tools to directly engage in sharing or managing the zero party data you need to serve them today and to help them pick up where the left off next time.

Customer data is stuck in marketing tools

Your team do not have the information and tools to help them deliver truly personalised omnichannel services and experiences valued by your customers and grow your revenue.

Omneo enables your team to sell

Omneo gives your team the tools and information they need to serve your customers personally, making today's experience and those to follow directly relevant and highly valuable.

Loyalty incentives reward a fraction of valuable behaviours

The incentives offered are overly simplistic, based primarily on transactions, and the experience is disconnected, delivered mainly via comms channels.

Omneo allows you to incentivise valuable customer behaviour

Omneo enables new ways for customers to interact, discover and earn while rewarding high-performing staff.

Customer data is fragmented across multiple platforms

It's difficult for your team to provide consistent, personalised service in-store and online when customer data is scattered or only centrally available for viewing instead of acting.

Omneo ensures customer data is organised and actionable

Omneo is explicitly designed for retailers and customers to gather, manage and share zero-party data privately.


The customer is always right


Omneo is our enabler for omni-channel customer experience. Wherever our customer chooses to shop, their history and preferences are available to those who service them. Most importantly, customers can self-service and access their information anytime.

Behind the scenes, Omneo is orchestrating our customer data across our environment, ensuring a single source of truth and maintaining the integrity of each record.


Carina Ton Micheal


AGP Group Head of Technology

Connect. Empower. Delight.

Empower your team to create and deliver dynamic, convenient, relevant, private and rewarding services and experiences, captivating customers and cultivating long-term loyalty.


Unify customer data

Connect disparate data sources and create a unified, comprehensive, and private view of your customers, which is a vital foundation for personalisation and improved CX.


Serve + sell

Empower your team with a seamless view of customer profiles, preferences, and interactions across all channels. This will enable them to sell more effectively and help customers shop easily.


Reward + incentivise

Boost customer engagement and loyalty by offering relevant rewards and incentives that delight your customers and amplify the return on your customer experience investments.


Unify your customer data

Eliminate data silos that obstruct omnichannel coordination for your customers and team enabling the delivery of private and personalised services and experiences.

A single view

Uniting fragmented customer data across platforms paves the way to deliver personalized omnichannel experiences.

Omneo’s Identities capability consolidates customer identifiers from connected systems, creating a unified view. It enables seamless transitions between platforms while preserving historical context and ensuring world-class security, privacy, and compliance measures.

Private by design

Retail leaders recognise the importance of data privacy in preserving customer trust and safeguarding brand reputation.

Privacy by design isn't an afterthought; it's the core of Omneo. Customers control their shared information, enhancing trust and brand loyalty and the platforms in your ecosystem only have the data they need, helping you comply with GDPR, Australian Privacy Principles, CAN-SPAM Acts, and ACMA Spam Act.

Linked profiles

Go beyond individual customer profiles and better understand the groups or associations they belong to.

Whether those relationships are between customers and household members, stylists, referrals, staff, parents, kids, partners, or gift givers/recipients, leveraging Omneo's Linked Profiles empowers brands to deliver personalized services and experiences that cater to each customer's unique needs within the context of their associated groups.

Sync'd profiles

Omneo's profile synchronisation enables customers to enjoy personalised services, experiences, and loyalty benefits across multiple brands. This is particularly valuable for house-of-brand organisations, department stores, or other partnerships.

By synchronising customer profiles, customers seamlessly access loyalty programs, earn rewards, redeem offers, and enjoy tailored experiences throughout the multi-brand ecosystem.


Give your team and customers superpowers

Omneo unifies retail experiences, uniquely enabling your customers and team to participate in profile creation and enrichment - creating the foundation for delivering uniquely tailored services and experiences, ensuring that every interaction is relevant, convenient and private.

Help your team sell with Clienteling

Equip your team with the tools they need to deliver seamless, personalised omnichannel service, enhancing their ability to sell effectively through any channel.

Help your customers shop with Profile Portal

Unique to Omneo, Profile Portal is a customer's gateway to your brand, offering a personalised experience where they can access services tailored to their preferences and pick up where they left off.



Elevate your loyalty program to new heights with Omneo's sophisticated loyalty mechanics. Gain access to powerful tools that enable you to define and operationalise your unique incentive model, rewarding your most valuable customers and team members while achieving a solid return on investment (ROI).


    Move fast. Break things.

    Embrace a culture of agility and continuous improvement to stay ahead in today's rapidly evolving landscape. With Omneo, your team can rapidly implement and iterate, gather deeper insights, and share learnings across teams, enabling you to drive innovation and achieve continuous growth.

    Rapidly implement and iterate

    Avoid uncertainty in effectively implementing and iterating new services and experiences.

    Implement new services and experiences swiftly and effectively across your store network through built-in training, feature switches for focused testing, support for custom solutions, MACH architecture integration, and dedicated support from our team.

    Gather deeper insights

    Embed data capture into services and experiences to gather insights on effectiveness.

    From both active and passive sources (e.g. UX recordings, direct feedback and performance data), uniquely capture insights from both customer and team interactions, to uncover valuable patterns. Align analytics with success metrics for quick experimentation and assessment.

    Share learnings

    Move beyond inefficient knowledge sharing and failed adoption of successful approaches across teams.

    Promote a culture of continuous improvement by facilitating rapid knowledge sharing, quick adoption of successful approaches, and celebration of achievements. Enable effective sharing of wins and learnings across teams, while highlighting performance metrics to drive continuous, innovative progress.


    Take your customer data infrastructure to the next level

    Omneo provides your team and agency with the essential ingredients to effectively craft and ship personalised, omnichannel services and experiences seamlessly linked across all touchpoints for your customers and team.

    Implement yourself or with your agency, or our team of strategists, experience designers and engineers can work with your team.

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