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Welcome Email Sequence

Onboarding is a key initial experience for customers and team members that can set the tone for your relationship. A robust and sleek welcome sequence of emails should encourage increased engagement, advocacy, interactions and purchasing. It sets the tone of the relationship you want to have with your customers.

A simple version should introduce your brand to your customers and provide ways for them to shop and engage with you. An optimised version will encourage a second purchase within the honeymoon (moneymoon) period, as well as profile completion and advocacy.

Customer Benefits

  • Understand the brand and its benefits, experiences and how to shop and engage (and earn rewards or points if relevant)
  • Complete your profile to receive curated and personalised offers, views, and product recommendations
  • Receive ongoing, relevant emails to stay up to date on the latest products and offers

Business Benefits

  • Customers understand what your brand stands for and its benefits and products (and rewards program if applicable)
  • Customers are encouraged to complete their profile, allowing you a full view of their demographics and transactional behaviour to match with their psychographics for a complete view of your customers and segments for smarter business decisions and better customer experiences
  • Sets a tone for your ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship from their very first shop and makes them feel part of your brand.
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