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View Online & In Store Transactions

Online accounts list previous purchase history of transactions made through the website, but in store transactions are often missing, meaning valuable information such as products purchased, sizes, colours, prices and proof of purchase are missing for the customer.

In addition, the brand is unable to marry up the information between online and offline transaction for a holistic view of their customers, their transactions and their shopping behaviour.

Customer Benefits

  • Able to view a full history of purchases with the brand including products, sizes, prices, colours, dates
  • Able to store proof of purchase to their account for all purchases
  • Full transaction history across online and instore demonstrates loyalty to the brand for associated rewards, benefits and services as applicable
  • Able to benefit from personalized offers and product recommendations based on previous purchases without double up on products purchased offline.

Business Benefits

  • Customer data is complete for a full and holistic view of customers to determine best customers, CLV, ATV, shopping frequency and other customer psychographic attributes such as behaviours and attributes
  • Customer product preferences are easily aggregated for identifying trends such as channel behaviours, product purchasing channel preferences (ie. jeans are more likely to be bought in store and accessories online), which can then be used to identify opportunities for new offers, experiences and services
  • Online and offline browsing and transaction information can be aligned to identify the influence each has on the other (ie. online browsing transferred to in store purchasing and vice versa) and the path to purchase.
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