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Target Offers

Your customers are savvy enough to drown out the thousands of messages they regularly receive from brands. Offering personalised and timely messages and offers to your customers helps you stand out while encouraging purchasing.

Targeted offers can be triggered by geo-targeting to attract customers in store when nearby, by interest or attributes stored to their profile, or based on past (and changes in) behaviour.

Customer Benefits

  • Receives information or offers at a time that is relevant and opportune to them
  • Receives information or offers that are relevant and engaging based on their preferences and behaviours
  • Recognises the benefits of a customer profile with the brand through a feeling of being known and valued
  • Can take advantage or timely and relevant offers and information to purchase new products or services
  • Will be notified of offers and relevant information in real time when subscribed to notifications
  • Feels known and valued as a customer

Business Benefits

  • Using geo-targeting customers are encouraged to go in store at a time when they are nearby with an offer to encourage purchase
  • Increases engagement through timely and relevant offers that are personalised for the customer
  • Provides additional reason for a customer app to be used with notifications on (if applicable)
  • Increased chances of purchase and higher ATV through timely and relevant messages at a time when the customer is showing behaviours or attributes that they are ready to shop
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