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Omneo Meet allows your business the opportunity to offer customers the ability to book in for offerings such as styling sessions, hair, makeup, consultations or personal shopping.

It provides an extension to the customer profile that allows bookings to be scheduled, changed, updated and stored for future reference, and kept against the customer’s profile. The service, products viewed, used or purchased and subsequent service bookings or purchases can also be stored and attributed to the offering for ROI reporting and success metrics. The customer can also refer back to previous bookings for product information, reminders and rebooking.

Customer Benefits

  • Quickly and easily book a service using their profile details already known to the brand
  • Schedule, change, update and rebook from the services booking stored in their account
  • Refer to products used, viewed or purchased and the staff member that assisted them, as part of their service booking for future use such as reminders of what they liked and didn’t like, rebooking for the same staff member or service, purchasing and repurchasing products
  • May receive benefits for ongoing use of the service, ie. a discount on any products purchased they were shown on the day, or for the number of times a service was used or referred to a friend

Business Benefits

  • Encourages new profile creation from previously unknown customers
  • Stores customer preferences of products viewed, used and purchased in the service
  • Provides incentive for product purchases or ongoing service bookings
  • Provides the ability to offer additional experiences to drive customers in store or to a particular sales channel
  • Provides a new channel to drive revenue and product sales
  • Can use the information stored to push notifications to the customer regarding stock availability, offers, or other relevant information
  • Ensures the customer has up to date information at the time of each booking

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