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Customers have so many options available in a multichannel, globalised commercial world. Make it easy for them to shop with your brand by storing, viewing and purchasing from their own customised product lists. Shopping lists have long been used by customers to shortlist, remember what to buy and tick off their needs and wants.

By providing your customers the ability to make lists and store them to their profile, you are making purchase decisions easier and faster for them to decide between products, return to purchase at a later date and influence their view of products served to them on the website, in emails and on the app. In addition, it also allows your ecommerce system to learn what the customer has and hasn’t viewed, to continually serve new content and products upon each visit.

Customer Benefits

  • eReceipts are delivered and stored electronically
  • Easily accessed and searchable via phone app or email
  • No more holding onto paper receipts which can get lost, ruined or faded
  • Ease of returns as proof of purchase is easily referenced and retained for tax purposes
  • Able to reference transaction/payment type history and prices quickly and easily
  • Makes searching for previous purchases easier
  • Provide instant feedback on the purchase experience
  • Receive recommendations for future purchases based on products you’ve recently purchased
  • Easy to find and repurchase products directly through the receipt links
  • Share your recent purchases quickly with friends and family
  • Environmentally friendly option for proof of purchase, reducing paper usage

Business Benefits

  • Reduced cost: Remove paper receipt machines and ongoing purchase of paper rolls for stores as these are delivered electronically
  • Easier return process as there are no more customers wanting to return goods without proof of purchase due to loss, fading etc.
  • Stored against customer profile for ease of look up by staff for returns
  • Environmental impact of the business reduced through lower paper use
  • Additional reason for customers to be known to your brand through profile set up and providing valid contact details to receive/access their receipt
  • Stored purchase history of customer for personalised recommendations, calls to action, offers and other cross sell opportunities
  • Link feedback to the purchase experience, including channel, store and service staff for accurate reporting
  • Optimise opportunities for cross sell by providing product recommendations that complement the customer’s recent purchase
  • Increase advocacy with share links embedded in the email
  • Provide a beautiful after-sale experience through branded, customised emails

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