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Re-Engagement Email Sequence

Customers have a unique way of shopping with your brand when it comes to channels, timing, average transaction value and product preferences. To identify when their behaviour changes can be impossible without the right toolkit in place.

Omneo can trigger a re-engagement sequence when your customer’s behaviour changes (hasn’t shopped, hasn’t been on the site, hasn’t been in store for a certain period of time etc.) to encourage the customer to begin purchasing again, or uncover the reasons behind the change in order to overcome them. Don’t lose valuable customers by not recognising the change with this simple, triggered email sequence.

Customer Benefits

  • Feels like they are known and appreciated/valued by the brand
  • Receive personalised offers and product recommendations
  • Offered new information, benefits or products to encourage purchase

Business Benefits

  • Previously acquired customers are retained
  • The customer feels positively about the brand
  • Customer re-engagement resulting in purchase
  • Less reliance on new customer acquisition for transactions
  • Likely to have a higher ATV than new customers
  • Customer finds new reasons to shop with and advocate for your brand.
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