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Personalised recommendations based on previous behaviours, purchases, likes and dislikes create a greater sense of a relationship with a brand; the feeling of belonging and that they are known and valued.

By providing recommendations based on the customer’s purchases, and those of customers like them, the customer is more likely to purchase more often, at a higher transaction value and buy more products than they would with no or non-tailored product recommendations. The most powerful recommendations come from showing complementary products - products that go together to make an outfit for example - as well as ‘People like you also bought..’ recommendations.

Customer Benefits

  • Customers feel valued and known by the brand
  • They receive tailored and personalised recommendations based on previous behaviours and purchases
  • They receive relevant offers and recommendations based on their preferences, for more meaningful brand communications.

Business Benefits

  • Increased conversion through personalised recommendations prompting purchase
  • More engaged customers as they are receiving relevant and personalised content
  • Able to influence sales and push for increased revenue
  • Increase ongoing and post purchase sales through recommendations based on previous buying behaviour and timely communications.

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