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Product Feedback

Product feedback can be gathered through a host of channels including: inviting customers to like, dislike and add products to their wishlist, transaction data, social media interactions and purchases, and mapping product purchasing trends to the brand’s most valuable customers.

It provides valuable feedback to product buyers, NPD teams and key decision makers to make smarter choices across the business for the product and services offering.

Customer Benefits

  • Customers feel valued and known
  • They’re able to provide real time feedback that can be followed up on and new products developed in accordance
  • More products of interest to browse and purchase from their favourite brands
  • Customer driven product development for more desirable future purchases.

Business Benefits

  • Product feedback can be used to make smarter business decisions
  • Feedback from the best, most valuable customers can be drawn out to hold more weight than feedback from one time or sporadic, low value customers to make sure decisions are made to retain and grow a high value customer base
  • Truly customer driven product development can be used to create and deliver products that customers want and need, reducing and in some cases eliminating the need to find an audience and market.
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