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It’s been shown in recent studies that personalisation has the biggest impact on loyalty and advocacy when it comes to customer experiences.

It consists of brands delivering website content, messages, offers, product recommendations and benefits based on the customer’s preferences, interactions, behaviours and history with the brand. It can involve tailoring particular messages, services or experiences to the customer and delivering the right offer  at the right time.

Often, personalisation can be more targeted to the emotional connection with the brand than the rational decision making aspect of the customer decision making journey. It concentrated on the relationship between the customer and brand to make the customer feel valuable, acknowledged and known. It’s about making each experience and interaction feel unique and tailored to the customer.

Customer Benefits

  • Feel connected and valuable to the brand
  • Receive offers, benefits, views and experiences that feel tailored to their preferences
  • No longer inundated with messages that are irrelevant or uninteresting
  • More engaged with the brand

Business Benefits

  • Less chance of a customer opting out of communications
  • Increased engagement and advocacy with the brand
  • Increased chance of higher transaction value and frequency
  • Increased customer retention
  • Increased referrals for new customer acquisition
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