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We’re all conditioned to take the word of our friends and family over those of advertising and studies have shown time and again that the most effective marketing comes from personal referrals. With the prevalence of fast sharing platforms such as social media, chat, email and SMS, sharing opinions and recommendations has never been faster or easier.

To capitalise on this, smart brands are offering quick ways for their customers to share product and brand information and positive reviews to their network, and often rewarding them as both an incentive and positive brand sentiment for this desired behaviour.

Customer Benefits

  • Can quickly and easily share recommendations and reviews with family and friends
  • Can be rewarded for positive referrals
  • Act as an advocate for the brand they love among their network

Business Benefits

  • Advocates are created quickly and at a low investment through their best customers
  • Best customers can be rewarded for desirable behaviour in the form of positive recommendations, reviews and referrals
  • Reach is increased by best customers to like-minded people to increase low cost acquisition of high value customers

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