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With so many measures available to businesses and their various divisions it’s hard to determine the right metrics for success. It is however easier than ever before for truly customer centric businesses to use customer data to determine the right measures of success and make smart, savvy, evidence based decisions.

To do so, a toolkit like Omneo needs to be in place in order to capture relevant data at timely intervals and deliver that information in easy to configure, and digestible reports and analytics dashboards.

With the right set of customer metrics in place and captured, business departments can all use one central collection of data to inform and unify their decisions. It sets up the business to more easily identify future opportunities and interactions that will result in higher revenue and profits. Similarly, staff can be rewarded for the right behaviours, outcomes and interactions that result in higher levels of customer acquisition, retention,advocacy, transaction value and shopping frequency.

Customer Benefits

  • Creates a feedback loop with the brand
  • Customer experiences are continually improved based on your feedback
  • Products are improved based on feedback
  • New services, offers and benefits are implemented to suit your preferences, behaviours and feedback

Business Benefits

  • Measures of success are aligned with customer experiences and real feedback
  • Metrics are in real time and aligned across the business
  • Measures extend beyond vanity metrics and transactional/financial to reflect the entire brand experience
  • Smart decisions can be made fast, and based on real evidence from a central source of data
  • Future decisions can be made based on recent past behaviours, transactions, and preferences shown in the customer data
  • Metrics for staff performance can be set beyond transactional/financial measures to reward them for the right behaviours/outcomes.
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