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Family Profiles

Connecting family to an account or profile increases the benefits across the family for the customer, while extending the reach and view of the customers for the brand.

It creates a holistic view of the customer and their direct influencers in their family unit, while extending the brand’s reach to new customers via the family connection. It can also provide valuable feedback around key decision makers on the customer side, such as when a parent is a buying decision maker for a child, who may be the customer of the brand.

Customer Benefits

  • Ability to extend benefits to wider family
  • Receive benefits regardless of who is the ‘customer’ and who is the buyer
  • Products and services can be better tailored for the customer’s family where appropriate

Business Benefits

  • Can identify the family relationship and relationship between customers and the buying decision maker
  • Can tailor offers for the buyer and the customers as appropriate, for example a kidswear brand may recognise when a customer’s birthday is coming up and issue a voucher to the parent as a buying decision maker to make a purchase as a gift, while giving the customer the ability to create a wishlist of products they’d like for their birthday.
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