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eReceipts are electronically delivered receipts for in-store and online transactions. In their most simple form, eReceipts can be a representation of a traditional paper receipt, featuring a business name, transaction number, date, product list, prices, total and payment type.

A fully optimised eReceipt can feature not only these core details, but also a beautifully designed and branded email containing linked product imagery, and personalised product recommendations, profile information, feedback collection and calls to action.

Customer Benefits

  • eReceipts are delivered and stored electronically
  • Easily accessed and searchable via phone app or email
  • No more holding onto paper receipts which can get lost, ruined or faded
  • Ease of returns as proof of purchase is easily referenced and retained for tax purposes
  • Able to reference transaction/payment type history and prices quickly and easily
  • Makes searching for previous purchases easier
  • Provide instant feedback on the purchase experience
  • Receive recommendations for future purchases based on products you’ve recently purchased
  • Easy to find and repurchase products directly through the receipt links
  • Share your recent purchases quickly with friends and family
  • Environmentally friendly option for proof of purchase, reducing paper usage

Business Benefits

  • Reduced cost: Remove paper receipt machines and ongoing purchase of paper rolls for stores as these are delivered electronically
  • Easier return process as there are no more customers wanting to return goods without proof of purchase due to loss, fading etc.
  • Stored against customer profile for ease of look up by staff for returns
  • Environmental impact of the business reduced through lower paper use
  • Additional reason for customers to be known to your brand through profile set up and providing valid contact details to receive/access their receipt
  • Stored purchase history of customer for personalised recommendations, calls to action, offers and other cross sell opportunities
  • Link feedback to the purchase experience, including channel, store and service staff for accurate reporting
  • Optimise opportunities for cross sell by providing product recommendations that complement the customer’s recent purchase
  • Increase advocacy with share links embedded in the email
  • Provide a beautiful after-sale experience through branded, customised emails

Read our guide on improving CX with eReciepts here.

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