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Customer Profile & Preference Dashboard

Profiles and preference dashboards put customer data into the hands of the customers themselves as well as the brand. It allows for an open, trusting and mutually beneficial relationship between the brand and its customers.

Customer facing profiles can be available through the website and interfaces such as a customer app, allowing them to view and update transactional, personal and preference information. Similarly, staff will be able to view the customer’s information through the Omneo interface, as well as clienteling screens in store and customer service integrations.

As a result, up to date, accurate and relevant information can be served up to everyone from the customer to augment their experience with your brand through relevant, timely and personalised experiences and services, to your business to make smart decisions and identify new revenue increasing opportunities.

Customer Benefits

  • Able to access, view and update their information available to the brand
  • Update preferences to be able to receive offers and information via their favoured channels and limit those they don’t enjoy
  • Update preferences to receive only relevant and interesting messages in accordance with their likes and dislikes
  • Receive offers, information, services and benefits aligned to their profiles and preferences for an improved customer experience
  • Can view their history with the brand including transaction and product history
  • Receive better and more personalised experiences and benefits as a customer as a result of having an up to date profile

Business Benefits

  • The customer can update their information at any time to keep data up to date for accurate reporting and continued contact with valid details
  • The brand is less interrupting to the customer as messages are only delivered via their preferences
  • Customer profiles can be easily and accurately segmented for marketing and business reporting purposes
  • Staff are empowered to provide better customer experiences through viewing a customer’s profile.

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