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By providing both tailored product recommendations and requests for feedback by way of reviews, listing likes and dislikes, CSAT and NPS post purchase feedback, customers feel a sense they are listened to, recognised and valued, while brands receive invaluable feedback to act on, and create greater experiences, products and services for their best customers and gain a competitive advantage.

By requesting feedback at the time of purchase and post purchase, the brand receives timely feedback at the moment that is most pertinent, fresh and relevant, giving more reliable feedback than periodic surveys or focus groups.

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Scores are a valuable metric for businesses to use to determine who are the promoters and detractors, as well as the level of customer satisfaction held by customers at the time of their purchase. Omneo can issue, track and store their measures against the customer’s profile for a history over time of their scores, as well as trigger comms or other events in response to changes to their sentiment, or positive or negative results.

Customer Benefits

  • Customers are given the opportunity to influence the brand through NPS, CSAT and product feedback
  • Feel valued by the brand and that their feedback is heard
  • Ability to provide simple, real time feedback at the click of a button
  • Receive a response in reply to particular triggers to feel acknowledged and have any issues are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Business Benefits

  • Receive invaluable feedback that can form part of key performance metrics
  • Can measure changes in sentiment among best customers and act accordingly before it’s too late with full visibility of scores against the customer’s profile
  • Scores are visible to all customer service staff for reference against a customer’s profile
  • Scores can be aggregated to form key measures reported on at regular intervals across the business and also across key staff for action (rewarding the right behaviour and retraining where negative)
  • Feedback gathered on CSAT and NPS can be used as valuable metrics for business decision making and rewarding desired behaviours from team members
  • Feedback from the best, most valuable customers can be drawn out to hold more weight than feedback from one time or sporadic, low value customers to make sure decisions are made to retain and grow a high value customer base
  • Opportunity to correct wrongs via prompt actions based on poor CSAT or NPS reviews.

Read our guide to Customer Satisfaction Metrics here.

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