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Clienteling provides an interface for your customer service staff to view the profiles of your customers when they visit in store to be able to provide a personalised customer experience. By viewing the customer’s profile, your store staff can assist them armed with their personal details, size information, purchase history, wishlist and preferences to be able to provide them product advice based on their unique style, likes and dislikes.

They can also assist them with a full history of customer service issues, feedback, interactions, rewards, benefits, and status to provide a highly personalised and engaging in store experience.

Customer Benefits

  • Receive a personalised in-store experience across style, size and product advice as well as being greeted by name and treated as a known person by staff
  • No need to provide a history of any customer service enquiries as they are already recorded
  • Customer service enquiries can be submitted directly to the customer’s account on their behalf by store staff
  • In store staff can record what they tried on, liked and didn’t like for future reference
  • Faster returns as transaction history is recorded to the customer’s profile and available to store staff
  • Fast in store follow up for feedback, including who they were served by during their visit customer

Business Benefits

  • Record in store experiences for a holistic view of the customer
  • Increased customer data, capturing in store interactions in the same way browsing and purchasing behaviour is captured online
  • Ability to record customer service feedback on the back of store visits by known customers and used as a valuable business metric
  • Ability to service customers in store in a more personalised way to create more seamless and enjoyable customer experiences.

Read our Clienteling guide here.

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